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Mar 16 2022
We are sorry to inform you that the payment option PayGol have been dropped permanently due to the many problems being caused by PayGol.
Feb 20 2022
Client version 1.45 has been released, if you are using the Wine or Linux client you will need to download the latest version manually.
Feb 18 2022
Official answer for accusations made towards RetroCores: FAQ -RetroCores is not violating your privacy!.
Feb 04 2022
Client version 1.44 has been released, if you are using the Wine or Linux client you will need to download the latest version manually.
Jan 31 2022
Client version 1.43 has been released, if you are using the Wine or Linux client you will need to download the latest version manually.
Changelog: Latest entry was made 135 days ago. Cheaters: Latest cheater deleted 1 day ago.

Mar 31 2022
Update - The lost city
Today we're happy to present you with a new area to explore!

How to get there, and what's hidden there is a mystery for players to solve!
Happy exploring!

Additional to this update, a long awaited change have come into reality!
From this update, you can trade all life crystals to life rings at once! (Chester Kahs in Thais)

RetroCores Staff
Mar 30 2022
The unknown
On a clear spring morning, a hole in the ocean opens up..
What's going on?!
What's happening?!

RetroCores Staff
Feb 20 2022
Update 1.45 -background updates
Today we're releasing 1.45 which is mainly about background systems.

This update also brings a fix that will makes it a lot smoother to watch cams from older versions.

RetroCores Staff
Feb 08 2022
Update - Sudoku Arcade
Today we're happy to present you with our newest addition to the game, a sudoku arcade!

This is the ultimate place if you enjoy sudoku, and needs to mana sit, train or just want to keep busy while waiting for time to fly.
You can enter your own room through a series of NPCs that are available in every city.

A sudoku room offers the ability to fish to maintain food while playing mana sitting or training.

When you have solved a game, you flip the switch to correct it.
If you made it correct, you'll advance in soduko level.
However, if you were wrong, you'll lose a soduko level!

Through the Sudoku NPCs, anyone can check out who's currently in soduko rooms.
And they can even join you, by asking the NPCs if you want to visit someone.

However, you can only visit someone from the same city.
If you try to join a room that's used by someone in another city, the NPC will tell you about this, it will also tell you the name of the NPC you need to speak to and what city it's in.

These rooms are made for people to have fun with them, and not to abuse them.
This is why they're publicly available and anyone can see who's in what rooms and join them if they like.

That takes out "safety" abuse there people would go and lock themselves in to be completely safe from the world.
But, to minimize the destructive behavior towards people who are not trying to abuse the room, there are protective measures in place.

Protection zones, there are 4 black tiles in each corner of the room that offers a protection zone, in case a random pker comes to attack you.
Those 4 black tiles work the same as any protection zone, you don't regenerate health nor mana, and multiple people can stack on you.

Additional to this, unauthorized players cannot ruin your game.
They are completely unable to switch any numbers around or cancel an ongoing game.

And only the "owner" of the room, the first one to start a game, has the power to decide who may interact with your game!

Next to the switch is a book, this is a guest book.
Write names of players, one name per line, to define who may touch your game and help you out.

When you enter a "new" room, it's completely new, no players will be there, no trash from previous players.
When you pull the switch, the game will begin and you become the owner of the room and decide the guest list.
When the game is started, if you finish it correctly you'll advance in sudoku level, however, if you fail, leave the room, or logout you will lose the game and lose one sudoku level.

As your level increases, the hardness of the game increases too!

RetroCores Staff
Feb 04 2022
Update 1.44 -background upgrades, maintaining antibot
Today we're releasing RetroCores version 1.44!

This update is mainly for maintaining the antibot systems and keeping up with the creative bot-devs.
Additionally to this, we've done few improvements around both game and client to keep our goal of ever making everything better, stronger and smoother.

RetroCores Staff
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